What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

I had a small kitchen fire, and although the fire wasnt huge, the smoke damage was heavy. Thank you to Matt, Dav, and Wanda my home is free of the odor, and looking better than prior to the fire. 

My name is Hanna, I recently had a large home fire on August 1, 2017. Two of your employees Wanda and Kelly were sent to my home to help go through my items and distinguish what items could be salvaged from what items cannot be salvaged.
During such a stressful time in my life I would like to acknowledge these women for their kindness their professionalism and they're caring nature. They treated my home as if it were their own, they went above and beyond to take into consideration things that may be valuable to me and put them to the side even though that was not part of their job.
Items like pictures, children's work, books and even loose changed where placed in a box for me to go through and see if I would like to take any of those items.
They are absolutely the most amazing two people I have come across during this experience and I honestly cannot say enough about how wonderful your employees are. In a world where things are very negative and people are sometimes not so nice I applaud you on being able to choose and hire these wonderful women and I hope that you keep them around and give them the acknowledgement that they deserve because they are The perfect representation of what you would like for your company to stand for.

Josh was a great guy to work with! We highly recommend! 

SERVPRO is the only place I will call if I ever experience a fire in my home again. They were so detailed, my home looked better after the soot was cleaned off by Wanda and Kelly! 

My experience with Wanda and Josh along with Chris, was professional, efficient and a joy.

My house is so clean! Thank you!! Service was fantastic. Wanda and Joetta were wonderful to work with!.