Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Garage Fire Flooring Damage

Garage fires are the most common fires that can occur. Due to the high amounts of flammable materials found in the garage, such as gas, paint, and oils once a f... READ MORE

Soot Webs

No matter how large or small the a house fire is, its important to have trained professionals come into your home to help with the restoration process. This hom... READ MORE

Garage Fire

These photos are from a local home owner, who unfortunately experienced a fire in their garage. Luckily the fire was contained and did not moved into the home, ... READ MORE

Fire Damage on Carpeting

As homeowners when we think of fire damage, we often think about the soot left behind on the walls as the flames burn upward. In this local apartment, you can s... READ MORE

Fire Place Fires

In Michigan we experience very hot summers and very cold winters. Many of us living here have fire paces in our homes to create warmth and a cozy environment. A... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

When we think of fires, we imagine the huge fires the we see on the news. Many are shocked to learn fires happen multiple times a day in our area. The might be ... READ MORE